February 26, 2024 9:58 am
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Teachers union says Jara’s resignation timed to dodge a scandal, calls on board to fire him 

April Corbin Girnus, Nevada CurrentFebruary 2, 2024 Oh how quickly things can change. Three months ago, Clark County School District released a statement saying its embattled leader, Jesus Jara, would “remain in his position as superintendent as long as the Board of Trustees desires him to do so.” This week, on Wednesday, CCSD announced Jara now …

No more prizes for killing ‘nuisance’ animals under these hunting contest bans

New York became the 10th state to ban or limit wildlife hunting contests with the December enactment of the new law. Oregon’s wildlife agency also imposed a ban last year on such events on state lands. So far, the bans have largely been passed in Democratic-led states. In some states, including Nevada, wildlife commissions — which are often stacked with hunting proponents — have rejected petitions to ban the practice.