February 29, 2024 1:49 pm
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Nevada Health Exchange closes year with surplus

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, which oversees the virtual health care website, NevadaHealthLink.com under the Affordable Health Care Act, closed the 2023 fiscal year with over $11.5 million in cash reserves for the fiscal year 2024, and projects an annual cost-saving of 20% in the fiscal year 2024, according to the biannual Fiscal and Operational report released on December 31.

Focus on right now, not the distant future, to stay motivated and on track to your long-term health goals

Kaitlin Woolley, Cornell University & Paul Stillman, San Diego State University It’s a familiar start-of-the-year scene. You’ve committed to a healthier lifestyle and are determined that this time is going to be different. Your refrigerator is stocked with fruits and veggies, you’ve tossed out processed foods, and your workout routine is written in pen in your daily planner. Yet, …

Industry group joins governor in dissing state public option, physicians’ group pushes back

Camalot Todd, Nevada CurrentNovember 7, 2023 In an ongoing battle to implement a public health care option in Nevada, an organization allied with the insurance and health care industries released a report Monday arguing the public option would exacerbate the state’s provider shortage and reduce access to care.  An arm of Partnership for America’s Health Care …

Report: NV Ranks 40th for the health and well-being of women and children

Alex Gonzalez, Producer Thursday, November 2, 2023    A new report ranked Nevada 40th in the nation for the overall health and well-being of women of reproductive age and children. Like all states, Nevada has certain strengths but also faces its own set of unique challenges. According to the analysis by the United Health Foundation, maternal mortality rates …