February 29, 2024 1:21 pm
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Lawmakers need statewide lithium plan, says conservation group

There are more than 80 lithium projects proposed on Nevada’s public lands as the nation races to power the green energy transition. Now conservation groups are looking to state lawmakers to establish a rule-making process that would help reduce the establishment of mines in areas of greatest conflict.

Feds advance four solar projects in Nevada, and more in surrounding states

More utility-scale solar development is on the horizon for Nevada’s deserts after federal land managers announced the advancement of four proposed solar projects in the state Wednesday. If approved, the combined projects would generate enough renewable energy and battery storage to power nearly 400,000 homes.

New NV transmission line will slash energy costs, says White House

Jeniffer Solis, Nevada CurrentOctober 31, 2023 Cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable electricity may be in Nevada’s future after the White House vowed to deliver the largest electric grid infrastructure investment in U.S. history.  On Monday, the White House announced $1.3 billion in new federal funding to create three new, massive electrical transmission lines in the Southwest …