June 25, 2024 1:28 am
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Early voting underway for Nevada Primary Election


Alex Gonzalez, Public News Service

Nevada’s early voting started this past weekend and will run through June seventh – with the June Primary Election taking place on Tuesday, June 11.

Melody Judilla, deputy director of Silver State Voices, said she considers Nevada to be what she calls a “voter friendly state” – as it grants voters the option to either vote by mail or vote in-person at a physical polling location, something that isn’t the case in every state.

She contended that that Nevada’s policymakers and election workers understand that voting is an effective way for Nevadans to make their voices heard.

“These options are for voters,” said Judilla, “who – no matter what they’re going through in their lives, or what they’re currently doing – it is really about accessibility.”

Judilla said there is also the Effective Absentee System for Elections, otherwise known as ‘EASE.’

It is a system that allows Nevada service members, overseas voters, Nevada residents with disabilities, and tribal members who reside on a reservation to cast a ballot electronically.

She said she wants to remind folks that Nevada has a closed primary, meaning registered Democrats and Republicans can only vote for their respective candidates.

Nonpartisan voters can only vote in nonpartisan contests.

Judilla said this year’s election gets a lot of buzz because it is a presidential one.

She said while it is an important election to participate it in for that reason, she wants to remind voters that the ballot box is still one of the best ways to voice your opinion on issues that directly impact you and your community.

“Housing affordability, education, the economy, the justice court system, right?” said Judilla. “All those things are on the ballot represented by the candidates you select, or don’t select for the primary going into the general.”

For a full list of early voting sites and polling locations, visit nvsos.gov.

Judilla also encouraged Nevadans to check their voter registration at nvsos.gov/votersearch, and said voters can switch political affiliations using same day registration at polling locations.

This article originally appeared on Public News Service and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.